Contemporary ballet is undoubtedly a recognizable genre for most dancers. It is identifiable. It appears to be flourishing. It has a bit of an “it” factor. It piques students’ interest. But what is contemporary ballet?

Discourses on contemporary ballet

The 2015 issue of Conversations across the Field of Dance Studies: Network of Pointes began to articulate features of this genre, and this conference offers those interested in contemporary ballet’s historiography a forum for discussion. The 2016 conference sought to cultivate a discourse of “contemporary” ballet in relation to traditional ballet vocabularies, narratives, and iconography.



Conference 2016

An SDHS Special Topics Conference on Contemporary Ballet was held at the Center for Ballet and the Arts, New York University, and at Barnard College, Columbia University   in May 2016. This two-day event was co-hosted by the CBA and Barnard College, Columbia College, and was sponsored by the Faculty of Education at the Royal Academy of Dance, the Dance Department at Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles), the Dance Department at Skidmore College and SLIPPAGE: Performance|Culture|Technology.


Anthology on Contemporary Ballet: The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Ballet (forthcoming)

Kathrina and Jill are currently working on the book manuscript of The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Ballet. For more information on the forthcoming publication to be published by Oxford University Press, follow this link.


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Image credits

Image: Alonzo King LINES Ballet’s Adji Cissoko, photographed by RJ Muna. Reproduced with kind permission.

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  1. I see the deadline for submission (Jan 18) and I heard that the papers are allotted 20 min each. When will acceptances be made known?


      1. A belated thanks. It is now 2/23, so I assume you’re just running later. I need to make travel plans for other cities right at that time, so need to ask, when FOR SURE will give acceptances/rejections?


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