Conference 2016: Schedule Day 1

Photo by RJ Muna

Photo by RJ Muna

FRIDAY May 20, 2016 at NYU’s Center for Ballet and the Arts

Venue: 16, Cooper Square NY10003


08:00 – 09:00 Registration

09:00 – 09:10 Welcome from Conference Chairs (Main Studio)

PANEL 1 (09:20 – 10:50)

Topic: Contemporary Narratives

Moderator: Melissa Templeton

Room: Main Studio

Mara Mandradjieff Maguy Marin’s Posthumanist Cinderella: (Sub)objectivity and Contemporary Ballet
Tanya Evidente Defining Contemporary Ballet: A Study of James Kudelka’s Narrative Themes, Vocabulary and Artistic Collaborations
Meryl Lodge From Rags to Riches: the Cinderella story of contemporary ballet in South Africa
Ann Murphy Toward a definition of Contemporary Ballet


PANEL 2 (09:20 – 10:50)

Topic: Legacies and Exchanges

Moderator: Kathrina Farrugia-Kriel

Room: Meeting Room 1

Molly Faulkner and Julia Gleich Contemporary Ballet is a Liminal State: Reflection and Refraction
Tyler Walters Ballet Under Glass
Deborah Norris Exploring the Choreographic Work of Cathy Marston:  A Matriarch of British Contemporary Ballet in the 21st Century
Jessica Maria MacFarlane Reread, Rewrite, Rewire: Connecting Female Writers and Choreographers in Contemporary Ballet


PANEL 3 (09:20 – 10:50)

Topic: Pedagogy and Training (Roundtable)

Moderator: Rachel Straus

Room: Meeting Room 2

Paige Caldarella
Emily Stein
Iyun Harrison
Bruce McCormick

10:50 – 11:10 Break

Plenary Session (11:10– 12:15)

Topic: Contemporary Ballet, Women and Institutions

Moderator: Jill Nunes Jensen

Room: Main Studio

Invited Speakers: Emily Coates, Christine Cox, Jodie Gates and Jill Johnson

12:15 – 1:45 Lunch on your own

1:45 – 3:15 Panels resume

PANEL 4 (1:45– 3:15)

Topic: International Voices

Moderator: Professor Thomas DeFrantz

Room: Main Studio

Anjali Austin Perspectives of an American Artist:
The Auto-Ethnographic Chronicles of an African-American Classical Ballet Dancer
Kathrina Farrugia-Kriel Negotiating Alterity and Hybridity: Mauro Bigonzetti’s contemporization of ballet
Elisa Davis Contemporary Ballet going Gaga
Kylie Radford International Interpretations: Uganda National Contemporary Ballet


PANEL 5 (1:45– 3:15)

Topic: Historical Structures and Organizations

Moderator: Lise Uytterhoeven

Room: Meeting Room 1

Joellen Meglin A Thought Experiment: Against Artistic Monopolies in Ballet
Caroline Sutton Clark Groovy Bodies: The 1970s and Contemporizing Ballet
Henrique Rochelle Ballet as an Imported Tradition and its Current Uses by Brazilian Dance Companies
Lester Tome Cuban Dancers’ Global Careers, Brain Drain and Brain Gain:Contesting Paradigms of Labor Circulation in Contemporary Ballet


PANEL 6 (1:45– 3:15)

Topic: Recirculating Classical Forms (Organized Panel)

Moderator: Hanna Jarvinen

Room: Meeting Room 2

Rebecca Chaleff Choreographing Alterities: The Imperial Politics of Giselle
Julian Carter Contemporary Performances of The Dying Swan: Race and Whiteness
Michelle LaVigne The Persistence of Classical Form: Repetitions of The Nutcracker in Contemporary Ballet Culture
VK Preston Dance Archaeology: Dancing Deep Diaspora

3:15 – 3:35 Break

PANEL 7 (3:35 – 5:20)

Topic: (In)Forming Ballet Bodies

Moderator: Jill Nunes Jensen

Room: Main Studio

Roger Copeland Ballet, Modernity and the contemporary
Ann Nugent The Forsythescape: A Cumulative Force
Rachel Straus Form, Abstraction, and the Apollonian in Contemporary Ballet, with reference to the work of Pam Tanowitz
Ariel Osterweis in conversation with Desmond Richardson/Christina Johnson Complexions Contemporary Ballet and the Nuances of TechNIQUE: Race, Gender, Hybridity


PANEL 8 (3:35 – 5:20)

Topic: Global Connections (1)

Moderator: VK Preston

Room: Meeting Room 1

Ruth Helier Tinoco Contemporary ballet in Mexico City: Opus Ballet, Ricardo Domingo and La Técnica Domingo
Yuma Ochi Emergence of contemporary ballet in the Ballet de l’Opéra de Paris: On the intervention of Jérôme Bel
Samantha Parsons Stripping the Covers of the Body Politic
Jennifer Fisher Ballet is still an ethnic dance form


PANEL 9 (3:35 – 5:20)

Topic: Exchanges, Connections and Directions (10 minute presentations)

Moderator: Lester Tome

Room: Meeting Room 2

Barbara Dickinson Ballet, logos and contemporary directions
Janet Werther Queer Women in Contemporary Ballet
Caroline O’Brien Contemporary ballet costumes
Julie Janus Walters Intelligence in Motion
Cadence Whittier Cultivating a contemporary approach in ballet class

5.30 Day 1 ends

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